Abundant Way Elite Performance Strategy and Strategic Entrepreneurship™ strategizes with elite performers and equips and empowers novice, growing, and scaling entrepreneurs through comprehensive strategy, education, training, strategies, and support to assist them in achieving abundance in their professional and personal lives.



STRATEGY:  Defining, developing, and executing an actionable, tactical master plan for sustainable growth and profit.

YOU: Championing your vision, your path, your bottom line, your success. 

TRANSPARENCY: Not blowing rainbow-colored smoke; not sugar coating the hard work and avoiding the strategy required to make your entrepreneurial vision your reality.


COMMITMENT: Going full throttle, being all in, having a heck-yes and heck-no mentality.


COLLABORATION: Working with those who can do what you can’t and who love doing the things you hate; no one-thinking brain has all the answers.  

AUTONOMY: Casting off the shackles of conformity; kissing “the man” goodbye; charting your own course to an abundant life.

KINDNESS: Always embodying compassion and empathy in what is often a cruel and impersonal world.


PROGRESS: Making headway instead of hesitating; valuing progress over perfection; putting the pedal to the metal. Your abundant life is waiting—stop spinning your wheels.


FUN: Laughing a lot – if you’re not, you’re doing it wrong.


RESILIENCE:   Never giving up on your vision, never quitting because its too hard, and never losing faith in yourself.


JOY: Finding happiness amid the struggle; bringing joy to your relationships; having time for what matters most.


ABUNDANCE: Becoming, achieving, and obtaining what you want and need in order to live an idyllically abundant life and helping others do the same.